About us

Welcome to Aldia

ALDIA Technologies is an International company renowned in digital Transformation & Engineering Services for rolling out its expertise to key players in order to meet the requirements of its customers.


ALDIA Technologies works with its own group of consultants in order to improve quality, build stability, minimise risks and create solutions to quickly develop the best products.


With over 30 years of experience in consultancy, ALDIA has developed a range of flexible, bespoke and versatile projects.


ALDIA has created a personalised method based on different levels of solutions as individual assignments T&M, Work Unit, and fixed-price projects. It can be provided on site for our customers or within ALDIA’s locations.

Who we are

Our Values

Within ALDIA Technologies we have an embedded International philosophy meeting corporate challenges head-on, delivering our commitments, being passionate about what we do and ensuring a strong sense of team spirit.


ALDIA’s engineers come from the best Universities world-wide and join us with long-term contracts allowing us to provide solutions to our clients with a high level of stability.


Both the Quality of its Solutions and the cost-oriented focus make ALDIA the most committed company to support its Clients to achieve their goals.


We are a vibrant and dynamic organisation and our values are the fundamental reason why we continue to develop strong client relationships and employees loyalty.

Service Locations

As our philosophy is to offer services onsite for our customers, ALDIA is providing solutions on a global scale.


Our ability to be close to our clients, to adapt ourselves to strict demands and to offer flexible solutions make us the best supplier for International projects.


ALDIA is client-oriented and has the capacity to invest in organisations wherever our customers are located.