Careers at ALDIA

Let’s build it together


Because worldwide culture meets expertise, increase your opportunities within an international career.

ALDIA make it happen!

You will be involved in International projects, continuously working in connection with innovative and High-tech opportunities.

We build strong relationships with both our employees and our clients. Skills such as engineering expertise, tenacity, time management and problem-solving are amongst the most important ones to be a successful ALDIA’s consultant…

When you join ALDIA you decide to participate in worldwide projects for the future. This also means that you commit to a long-term collaboration with us.

There are many advantages that come with working in ALDIA!

In ALDIA Technologies we have embedded the International philosophy meeting corporate challenges head-on, delivering our commitments, being passionate about what we do with network connection and a strong sense of team spirit


ALDIA always works closely with its consultants!

The integration of our collaborators is a key step in their professional success. We offer continuos support in their projects through local management teams.

We offer competitive International package integration when you have to leave your current country.

To ensure the best integration in ALDIA there are many points of information at your disposal. An integration session will be organized by the HR department and administration team, an employee handbook will be given to you when you sign your contract and you will be supported by your manager when you undertake your first steps within your new project team.


Professional geographic mobility plays a major role in the growth of ALDIA and to achieve principles such as:

Meeting: Networking with a wide range of different personality types, companies, job specifications.

Languages: Opportunities to learn a new language or improve your English

Promoting: Growth of knowledge

Expertise: Identifying and making the most of rare and promising skills, assets both for the growth of ALDIA and of our clients.


ALDIA as an Engineering Consultancy needs a continuous update and improvement in technical skills, in addition to our capacity to operate in a multicultural and International environment.

We commit to train each of our consultant every year. The development of knowledge and skills is a constant and essential part of the ALDIA experience.


ALDIA is a company dedicated to its employees. We provide all the necessary support to help you become successful; we recognize your performance with a promotion.

Thanks to regular follow-up, which provides an opportunity to share your career perspectives and your professional ambitions within ALDIA.
ALDIA builds up career plans during your professional development.